New owner


We breed 0 -2 podengo litters yearly. The puppies are born at our home, or at the future mother’s home, and spend the first weeks of their lives in the middle of everyday family life. Being first in the nursery room at the age of 3 – 4 weeks they start to spend some time in our kitchen getting used to normal noises and all sort of things at home. From the very first day on they get use to gentle human handling and caring.


The puppies are ready to go to their own homes at the age of approx. 8 weeks. At this time they are registered, microchipped, dewormed and checked by a veterinarian.


The new owners are warmly welcomed to visit us and see the puppies from week 4 onwards.


When leaving to a new home, the owner will get written instructions for caring and feeding, food for several months, and a towel or a toy to bring some comfort during the first days at the new home.


At first there might arise several questions about the puppy and its doings. I’m happy to be of as much help as needed.




The wire-haired podengo is not a breed to be trimmed, but it can though be slightly plucked. Especially if the coat turns out to be of softer quality, plucking it all down 2 – 3 times usually changes the coat quality clearly to a more wiry one.


Some podengos have loose hair more than others. Regular brushing helps keep loose hair to a minimum.




The podengo doesn’t have any hereditary diseases. They can though have some, to all dogs common, hereditary diseases. These are e.g. epilepsy, patella luxation, Legg-perthes, eye disease PRA, distiachiasis and allergy. The number of cases of these illnesses has remained low. Some dogs have runny eyes.


My wish as a breeder is that all my offsprings have an official eye and knee examination done.




A podengo is an active dog needing regular exercise every day. Hobbies to go to with your podengo are e.g. agility, lure-coursing, dog dancing or even obedience, if you are very patientJ


Like all dogs, also a podengo needs logical education and clear boundaries. Some individuals are livelier than others, and especially a young podengo can be lively, getting though calmer by age. Specific to small dogs in general, a podengo can be easy-barking, but it can get used to living in an apartment house as well.


Barking is a thing to pay attention already at puppy age to avoid it becoming a problem later.


I warmly advise attending a puppy or a basic obedience course with the puppy, and take care that all family members follow the advices given on the course.


In every case, a podengo is a dog you can hug and keep in your lap as much as wanted.