You can do many things with your podengo. We go to shows with our dogs, and have also been at an obedience-agility school. We have taken part in lure-coursing, but that was in the past when Vippa and Nata were younger. There are though eager lure-coursing dogs among the Sandeisan podengos, and some of them have achieved great prices. Agility is also a good hobby. The most important with all hobbies is to give your dog fun acitivity on its terms, so that it is always ready to go with you. It is yet not necessary to compete or take part in courses, it is enough to just make walks and play with your dog to keep it active and happy. Many things can also be arranged in-house, like hiding goodies and toys, training everyday obedience and playing with toys.

It’s good to remember that when your dog gets enough daily activity, it does not use its energy in destroying your house.



Sandeisan Galanteador “Ässä”